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Improving Access to Medicines

Since its inception in 2006, Medicare Part D has helped improve lives of millions of Americans and reduce other health care costs by improving access to the life-saving medicines millions of Americans need.

  • 11 million Medicare beneficiaries gained prescription drug coverage following the implementation of Part D in 2006.
  • Implementation of Medicare Part D has led to reduced out-of-pocket expenses and improved adherence to essential medications for elderly and disabled Americans.
  • Improving access to these vital medicines means people are able to live longer, healthier lives with less frequent hospital visits that incur greater costs—for both patients and our health care system.
  • According to a recent Medicare Today poll, without Medicare Part D:
  • 84% of beneficiaries report that their out-of-pocket drug costs would be higher
  • 61% would be unable to fill all of their prescriptions
  • 53% would be more likely to cut back or stop taking the medicines they need altogether.

The value of prescription medicines in America’s overall health cannot be overstated. By helping more Medicare beneficiaries access life-changing prescription drugs through Part D, the program is helping Americans live longer, healthier, and happier lives.