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Medicare Part D Works for Patients

Medicare Part D has been a game-changer for countless Americans who previously lacked access to affordable prescription drug coverage.

Introduced in 2006, Medicare Part D is succeeding beyond expectations, offering coverage at a far lower cost than anticipated while providing access to the vital medicines people need. That’s one reason why so many Medicare Part D enrollees report satisfaction with their coverage.

So what makes Medicare Part D such a success story? Value, choice, and access, and affordability.

  • More than 30 million Americans are now enrolled in a Part D plan, helping create a system in which 90% of all Medicare beneficiaries have comprehensive prescription drug coverage.
  • The implementation of Part D was followed by a $1,200 per year decrease in nondrug medical spending – such as hospitalizations and skilled nursing facilities – among those who previously had limited drug coverage.
  • Average premiums for Medicare Part D plans are holding steady at $30 per month in 2013. Many low-income beneficiaries pay no premium with Part D’s extra help.
  • A recent survey by Medicare Today showed that 90% of Medicare beneficiaries are satisfied with their prescription drug coverage—up 12 points since the program’s inception.
  • Nearly seven in 10 Part D enrollees said that having a variety of plans to compare and choose from is important, which is why so many prefer the options provided by Medicare Part D.

Since its inception, Part D has become an essential part of health care for elderly and disabled Medicare beneficiaries. With 96% of enrollees reporting that their Part D coverage works well—and three out of four reporting it works “very well”—it’s vital that Americans are able to continue reaping the benefits of this truly effective, efficient program.