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  • Cynthia likes to travel, spend time outdoors, and see her children and grandchildren. She also deals with chronic pain from a decade-long fight with arthritis, as well as fibromyalgia, tendonitis, gout, and disintegrating joints. Medicare Part D makes it possible for Cynthia to manage these conditions, and without it she wouldn’t be able to visit her grandchildren, or to afford much of anything.

    “Medicare Part D helps tremendously with the medications I require...In total, I am saving close to $1,500 monthly on my prescribed medications.”

    Cynthia joined Voices for Health & Progress because of the savings she receives from the Medicare Part D program. She wants to support the kind of prescription drug coverage for seniors and people with disabilities that helps her live her life and continue doing the activities she enjoys.

    Cynthia’s message to Congress: “People on a fixed income rely on this program, and the funding to continue Medicare Part D is so gratefully appreciated. Just like the commercial featuring the pie, the last piece comes down to chosing between food or medicine. That is a decision poor people should never have to make.”