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I’m a voice for progress and innovation.  I’m a voice for high-quality, affordable prescription drug coverage.  I want to live a longer, healthier, better life.  And that’s why I’m a voice for Medicare Part D.

There are plenty of government programs you could cite as being too burdensome on our economy, costing taxpayers too much money, or not operating effectively or efficiently.  Medicare Part D is not one of these programs.  In fact, Medicare Part D is succeeding beyond all expectations: 

  • Following the implementation of Medicare Part D, nearly 11 million seniors that were previously without coverage gained comprehensive prescription drug coverage in the first year of the program.
  • Over 30 million Americans are now enrolled in a Part D plan, helping to create a system in which 90% of all Medicare beneficiaries have comprehensive prescription drug coverage.
  • Medicare Part D is helping keep costs low for seniors, with average premiums holding steady at $30 per month in 2013.
  • Overall Part D costs and spending forecasts for the first 10 years of Part D are coming in 45% or $346 billion less than initial projections, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimates.   
  • Most importantly, nine out of 10 Part D enrollees report satisfaction with their prescription drug plan—up 12% from the program’s inception in 2006.

Since 2006, Medicare Part D has helped improve the lives of millions of Americans by providing quality, comprehensive drug care coverage at costs seniors can afford. I’m a voice for Medicare Part D because I believe it is how a government program should work—consistently coming in under budget while surpassing expectations. I’m a voice for Medicare Part D because I believe in delivering on access and affordability for more Americans. I’m a voice for Medicare Part D.


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